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Emerging Contaminants Symposium




March 13, 2017, 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Del Tech, Terry Campus (Dover, DE), Conference Center, Education and Technology Building 727

This symposium examined emerging contaminants entering Delaware’s waterways, review treatment technologies and practices to reduce environmental impacts, and highlight local research projects. This symposium will serve as a benchmark for Delaware’s efforts to understand and mitigate potential environmental impacts. In addition, this symposium offers a unique opportunity tailored for student presenters. Select poster presentations will be introduced through a brief oral presentation prior to the poster session during the lunch hour. 


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8:30-8:45           Welcome
                           Emily Seldomridge, CIB and Secretary David Small, DNREC

8:45-9:45           Emerging Contaminants: What’s in your water, sediment, biota….and food wrappers?
                           Pat Philips, US Geological Survey

10:00-11:00       Monitoring, environmental thresholds, and regulation of contaminants
                           A Decade of Monitoring of Emerging Contaminants in the Delaware River
                           Ron MacGillivray , Delaware River Basin Commission

Emerging Contaminants in the Environment: Linking thresholds to trophic consequences
Kelly Smalling, US Geological Survey

Using data to protect public health
Keith Harrison, Office of Water

11:00-11:45        Treatment technologies and practices to reduce environmental impact
                            Removal of Contaminants by Nonpoint BMPs & Wastewater Treatment Systems-Part I
                            Removal of Contaminants by Nonpoint BMPs & Wastewater Treatment Systems-Part II
                           Tom Schueler, Chesapeake Stormwater Network 

11:45-1:00         Speed Talks and Poster Session
                           Lane Johnston 
                           Megan Cain
                           Julie Steinburg
                          Kristy Northrup

 1:00-2:30          Local emerging contaminant research projects
                           Effects of contaminants on horseshoe crabs in the Inland Bays
                           Danielle Dixson, University of Delaware

Is the future plastics?  Microplastics in Delaware Bay
Jonathan Cohen, University of Delaware

The Ins and Outs of Estuarine Acidification: Proton (H+T) Fluxes in the Murderkill Estuary (Delaware)
Bill Ullman, University of Delaware

Exposure to Legacy and Emerging Contaminants of Ospreys Nesting in Delaware Bay and River
Barnett Rattner and Thomas Bean, US Geolgoical Survey

 2:30-2:45          Closing remarks, group discussion and feedback
                           Scott Andres, DGS and Rick Greene, DNREC

 THANK YOU! This symposium is made possible through generous support from Delaware Sea Grant, Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, and University of Delaware Cooperative Extension.