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Don’t Chuck Your Shucks

Project Status: Current


The Delaware Center for the Inland Bays’ shell recycling program, Don’t Chuck Your Shucks collects shells that would typically be sent to landfills and recycles them in projects that directly enhance the Rehoboth, Indian River and Little Assawoman Bays. This program is a partnership with area restaurants and The Nature Conservancy.

As of September 2015, the Don’t Chuck Your Shucks Program reached its one-year goal, collecting 1,000 bushels of shell in its first season!

How Does it Work?

Shellfish shells are a highly valuable resource and are the best material on which to create oyster reefs, providing habitat for communities of small bottom dwelling organisms like grass shrimp and worms which in turn support populations of commercially valuable crabs and fish. 

Once gathered, the shells are taken to a special facility where they are allowed to cure for several months, a composting process used to kill lingering pathogens and bacteria. The “shucks” will be used in a variety of projects that are intended to restore populations of wild oysters to the Inland Bays including living shorelines construction and the CIB’s Oyster Gardening Program.

Participating Businesses

You can help save the bays! By patronizing these participating businesses, your “shucks” will be put to work. Find out more about each restaurant by clicking the images below.

To become a participating business, contact Bob Collins at
jamesfarm@inlandbays.org or by phone at (302) 226-8105 x 111.


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