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Don’t Chuck Your Shucks

Project Status: Current


The ‘Don’t Chuck Your Shucks’ program recycles shell from local restaurants into projects that benefit our Inland Bays – including in living shorelines construction and in the CIB’s Oyster Gardening Program!

Shellfish shells, particularly oysters and clams, are the best material on which to create oyster reefs which provide habitat for communities of small bottom dwelling organisms (like grass shrimp and worms) which in turn support populations of commercially valuable crabs and fish. Gathered shell is allowed to cure for several months as part of a composting process used to kill lingering pathogens and bacteria. 

This program is a partnership between the CIB, local restaurants and The Nature Conservancy.

Participating Businesses

By patronizing these businesses, your “shucks” will be put to work!

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To become a participating business, contact jamesfarm@inlandbays.org or call (302) 226-8105 x 111.