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Watershed Habitats – Intertidal Flats

Wading Birds

The intertidal flats are feeding grounds for Great Blue Herons, Snowy Egrets and other wading birds.  Each receding tide leaves a smorgasbord of food behind.

Seining the shallow edges of the Inland Bays

A seine net, carried out to thigh deep water, by two seiners, one at each end holding a pole with 25’ of net between them, can discover the bounty of the bays’ edges.  Walking slowly…the bottom of the end poles pointed toward the shore…the net weighted and dragging along the bottom…moving slowly landward—two can scoop up a thousand bay dwellers; shiny silversides by the hundreds, mummichogs, a juvenile bluefish or two, glistening grass shrimp, bright green sea lettuce, a small blue crab…the net heavy with leaping life as it drags onto dry sand.