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Dr. Marianne Walch – Science & Restoration Coordinator

Contact: science@inlandbays.org | (302) 226-8105 ext. 705

Dr. Marianne Walch, Science and Restoration Coordinator

Dr. Marianne Walch is the Center’s Science & Restoration Coordinator. In this position she leads the Center’s research, monitoring, and aquatic ecosystem restoration efforts. Marianne brings 30 years of environmental research experience in academic, federal, and state government positions to the Center. She came to the Center from the Delaware Department of Transportation, where she managed stormwater quality monitoring, research, and public education programs. Prior to that, Marianne worked for the Department of the Navy and the University of Maryland conducting research in biofouling, oyster aquaculture, biologically influenced corrosion, bioremediation, and wastewater treatment. She currently serves on the boards of the Delaware Section of the American Water Resources Association and the Delaware Association for Environmental Education.

Marianne practicing tai chi sword.

Installing oyster cages in a South Bethany canal.

Installing oyster cages in a South Bethany canal.

Marianne grew up in Maryland, close to the Chesapeake Bay, and lived and worked there most of her life. She moved to the Delaware shore in 2002. She earned a B.S. in microbiology from the University of Maryland and Master’s and Ph.D degrees in Environmental Microbiology & Applied Mathematics from Harvard University. Even as a child, Marianne participated in citizen science programs, encouraged by her mother (a naturalist and horticulturist) and father (a NASA employee). Citizen science and environmental education remain among her passions.

Outside of her Center job, Marianne is Associate Director of the Silver Lotus Training Institute, where she teaches tai chi and yoga programs and trains instructors. She serves as Vice President and webmaster of the U.S. Tai Chi for Health Community. Marianne also enjoys her cats, photography and art, birding, native plant gardening, hiking, and kayaking.