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Are You On Board with the Bays?

Well, are you?
The Inland Bays and the Center’s James Farm Ecological Preserve are treasured gems of Sussex County that rely on financial support. Charitable donations from the community give rise to research on the health of the Bays and innovative ways to restore them, Bay education for children and families, and habitat restoration projects to benefit the wildlife we hold dear.
Please consider making a year-end contribution to the Center so that this work may continue and even grow.


Climate change and sea level rise present challenges across the globe and our Inland Bays are no exception. We live, work, and play in an area that is vulnerable to damage from natural disasters. Without positive change, the intensity of flooding and tropical storms will continue to increase. Your donation will help the Center advocate for and educate the community about smart planning initiatives that can help protect those who live in and visit the watershed. The latest victory is the Density Ordinance that was passed by Sussex County Council on December 4th.
Smart planning can also help to turn the tides on pollution! Since 1994, we’ve realized a stark reduction in the amount of nutrient pollution entering the Bays thanks to support from the community. Today, we continue our work on pollution reduction, and on ways to stabilize shorelines and reduce damage from storm surge.
It is our hope that one day our Inland Bays will be safe, swimmable, and fishable for all. To achieve these goals, we need your help! Please, take the time to make a donation – your help today will benefit the Bays for years to come.


Did you know?

If you are over the age of 70 1/2 and own an IRA, you can make a tax-free Charitable Rollover Gift? Call your financial institution today to find out how!