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The Center is making a SPLASH this #GivingTuesday! 


A few brave staff and board members have volunteered to make this year’s #GivingTuesday more exciting than ever before with a competition that will get someone (or everyone!) in the Bays!

If you make a donation for #GivingTuesday, you get a say in who makes the splash! Think of each dollar as a vote: the staff or board member who raises the most money will make the dreaded trek into the Bays’ December waters. If we hit our fundraising goal of $5,000, then EVERYONE gets in!


2019 Splash Candidates:

Susie Ball, Board Chair– tried to skive off getting involved in this Splash, but was convinced to participate by the Center’s own Chris Bason. Susie’s always willing to take action for the Center and support the education program but had to check with her cheeky Labradoodles Archie and Chester who are often a part of important decision making.
Chris Bason, Executive Director– has been researching the benefits of cold water therapy as a way to unwind after a busy day as the Executive Director. “I see this Splash as a great opportunity for some relaxing me-time, an opportunity to chill out,” said Bason. Chris hopes to see his own daughter participate in the Center’s education programs when she’s older. 
Bob Collins, Program Manager– is known around the Center for his inability to say “no”. So clearly he was on the shortlist to be asked to participate in the Splash. Bob and his team at the James Farm are key players in keeping the Preserve in tip-top shape to ensure the education program runs smoothly.

Hayley Hartman, Environmental Educator– says she’s part mermaid and loves the water, our very own “Inland Bae”! She leads the education program and would be happy to make a splash to continue to connect students to their watershed!
Nivette Perez-Perez, Communications Specialist– is brand new to the Center! Originally from Puerto Rico, she insists that she is “allergic to cold water”. But is willing to take her first chilly swim in the Inland Bays to support the education program!
Anna Short, Fundraiser–  agreed to take part, even though she is “cozy” personified and can often found bundled in sweaters, scarves, mittens, and hats after temperatures fall below 63.5 degrees. Anna admits she is cold just thinking about the Splash, but is always willing to do something a little crazy to raise money for a good cause. Anna was overheard saying “Do they make heated swimsuits? I’m asking for a friend.” 


Click the button below to donate, and be sure to cast your vote using the Splash Candidates drop-down menu!


What is #GivingTuesday?

#GivingTuesday is a global giving movement that takes place the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. Built by individuals, families, organizations, businesses, and communities in countries around the world, it invites millions of people to come together in support of the causes they believe in and the communities in which they live. It isn’t just about fundraising–it’s about the collective spirit of generosity that brings change. Every act of generosity counts and each means even more when we give together.

What will my donation support?

Delaware Center for the Inland Bays is dedicating its #GivingTuesday efforts to the Day on the Bay program.

Established in 2000 as a partnership with the Indian River School District, the Center’s Day on the Bay Program has served over 19,000 students with curriculum-aligned, science-based environmental education at the James Farm Ecological Preserve.

During their Day on the Bay, students are immersed in the environment as trained instructors guide their discovery of the natural wonders surrounding them in the Preserve’s diverse ecosystems. Through a series of carefully crafted activities, they are introduced to scientific thinking and environmental literacy, igniting curiosity and interaction with nature. Day on the Bay is often the first opportunity students have to experience the Inland Bays, despite living mere miles away.

About Day on the Bay:

-It serves 2,000 students each year.

-The Center provides all funding, so it is FREE of charge to students and schools.

ALL students are welcome!

-It is curriculum-aligned and satisfies Next Generation Science Standards. 

For more information about #DayontheBay and how to participate with your students and family, visit our Education Programs page 




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