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Clean Water Campaign

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Delaware’s Waters Under Pressure

Delaware’s waters are among our most basic and valuable resources, and here in the Inland Bays watershed, they offer us recreation and help support a booming tourism industry! But as you know, most of these waters do not meet water quality standards for drinking, swimming or supporting aquatic life. Poor water quality can impact tourism, our economy, and human health.

But the projects that might alleviate these problems
are underfunded by over 100 million dollars each and every year! 

Currently, nutrient pollution (low oxygen and algal blooms) is the biggest issue threatening Delaware’s Inland Bays. Financial support for clean water projects statewide could provide funding for projects to help mitigate this problem.

Working Towards Change

The Clean Water: Delaware’s Clear Choice campaign is a statewide education and outreach effort focused on securing additional clean water funding. We support additional funding for improvements to wastewater systems, flood reduction initiatives, innovative toxic removal technologies, and investments in drinking water quality. Our campaign is championed by our Clean Water Alliance (including nonprofit organizations, academia, and businesses) and our Water Warriors (citizen advocates like you!) that care about water quality for future and current generations!

Become a Water Warrior

A “Water Warrior” is anyone that actively works towards cleaner waters! But you don’t have to give up your full-time job to do it! Become a water warrior by simply volunteering at an outreach table, writing letters in support of clean water activities, attending a rally, or just spreading the word to your friends and family! 

For local events, check our own Volunteer Opportunities!

For statewide events, check out the official Campaign Event List!


Water Warriors come in all sizes!