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Clean Water Campaign

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About the Clean Water Campaign



🚨🚨 🚨 ACTION ALERT!!🚨 🚨 🚨

The NEW Clean Water Delaware Bill (HB200) will be heard in front of the House of Natural Resources Committee during the Clean Water Rally on June 5, 2019 at Legislative Hall in #DoverDE.


A great showing at the Rally will demonstrate that we will continue to fight for clean water until it is a reality for all Delawareans. 


Please register for the Rally at the link below and you’ll receive a blue clean water-shirt to wear at the rally along with a ticket for FREE lunch! Registration is required here: https://buff.ly/2IzHdtf


Everyone is encouraged to bring a 2-minute testimony if possible. Here are some testimony tips just for you.


Learn more about the Rally and read the full bill here >>



Stay in touch with the Clean Water campaign »

Dedicated funding for clean water is essential for a cleaner environment,

healthier crops and food sources, improved economy, and increased tourism


The Delaware Center for the Inland Bays has partnered with the Delaware Nature Society and the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary and other organizations and stakeholders across the state to secure funding for clean water initiatives. We are participating in this campaign to improve the quality of Delaware’s water by educating people about the importance of clean water and enlisting their support. View the Clear Water Delaware Website»

Independent polling results show that Delawareans would give their local waterways
a rating of C+ with nearly 1 in 4 rating them a D or F.


You can do your part!

  • Stay in touch with the Clean Water campaign online;
  • Manage your own property responsibly by minimizing or eliminating runoff of fertilizers, pesticides, and pet waste;
  • Follow the progress and products of the Task Force as they are generated and let your elected officials know that you value clean water.


Clean water is truly Delaware’s clear choice – together we can make a difference.