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Schoolyard Habitats

Project Status: Current

Schoolyard Habitats – Greening Schools in the Inland Bays Watershed

In 2006, the CIB created a partnership with the Indian River School District to build Schoolyard Habitats at schools throughout the watershed creating outdoor learning centers that begin with a wetland and grow each year and can include rain gardens, bluebird trails, and butterfly gardens and other ‘growing’ things.

What are Schoolyard Habitats?
Schoolyard Habitats are living classrooms for hands-on learning, where students can conduct their own investigation and research…transforming schoolyards into outdoor learning discovery zones.

What does a Schoolyard Habitat look like?

We are beginning with a wetland, but a Schoolyard Habitat is a growing thing…each year, something new can be added; a butterfly garden, a blue bird trail, a wildflower meadow, a raingarden…anything that creates a habitat for native plants and animals…that provides food, cover, nesting places or water for native wildlife. If you build it…they will come!

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