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    Now Hiring Summer Interns!The CIB will be hiring two paid Environmental Science and Habitat Restoration Interns that are current students studying estuary science, marine science, biology or other related fields.

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    Inland Bays Journal (Fall/Winter): Explore three Inland Bays success stories from the return of some iconic species to the reduction of "point source pollution" and elimination of septic in the watershed.

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    Explore Living Shorelines: As an alternative to hardened bulkheads and stone rip-rap, Living Shorelines provide stabilization while maintaining natural habitat.

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    State of Love Creek Report: This compilation of data about Love Creek provides the community with information to restore and protect their creek.

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Welcome to Delaware’s Inland Bays

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If you live or vacation in south coastal Delaware…the Inland Bays are right in your backyard!

Three shallow bays, the Rehoboth Bay, Indian River Bay and Little Assawoman Bay, lie just behind a narrow spit of land in sight of the Atlantic Ocean. They serve as the backbone of Delaware’s coastal resort area that stretches north to Cape Henlopen, at the mouth of the Delaware Bay, and south to the Town of Fenwick Island and Maryland state line. 

The Inland Bays watershed area also extends west to the headwater streams of Indian River and other tributaries, surrounded by the farm fields, millponds and marshes of Sussex County, Delaware. The area features a beautiful and truly unique natural landscape so get outside and explore your Inland Bays

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Bethany Beach Nature Center BuildingLearn more about the Bays: 

Visit our partner location, the Bethany Beach Nature Center for additional children’s programs, indoor and outdoor exhibits and more information about the Inland Bays. 







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