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In Your Backyard

Gardening for the Bays! A win-win…for you and the watershed!

A lot of us here in the Inland Bays watershed moved here from some place else…from Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore, Washington, northern Virginia…the Piedmont, where the soils are loamy and deep and the climate is different.

Welcome to the Coastal Plain!  Where the soils are sandy, the winds carry salt spray, and wetlands abound.  We’d like to help you learn how to Garden for the Bays with native plants that need less water and care because they are adapted to our climate and soils.  As an added bonus, native plants attract native birds, butterflies and support our native fauna.

A good source of these is our annual Gardening for the Bays Native Plant Sale held in early May at the James Farm Ecological Preserve in Ocean View near Bethany Beach. Click here to find out more about the Native Plant Sale and for tips and ideas to create your garden for the Bays.



1000 Rain Gardens for the Inland Bays

Another great way you can Garden for the Bays is to be One in a 1000! by planting a rain garden as part of our 1000 Rain Gardens for the Inland Bays project. Click here to learn all about how to plant a rain garden.

When it’s finished, Register your rain garden » and upload a photo. Then View the Rain Garden Photo Gallery »

Stormwater is one of the biggest sources of pollution to the Inland Bays and planting rain gardens helps put rain water into the ground and not out onto the streets where it picks of oil, gasoline, heavy metals, pet waste, litter and other contaminents.  Best of all, they are low maintenance and will attract some nice neighbors to your yard…native butterflies and birds.

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