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    Education, and boardwalks, and restrooms - oh my! We're raising money for Phase 2 of the James Farm Master Plan that will address more of the educational and capacity needs of the Preserve. But we need YOUR HELP to make it all happen!

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Welcome to Delaware’s Inland Bays

The Rehoboth, Indian River, and Little Assawoman Bays lie just behind a narrow spit of land in sight of the Atlantic Ocean. Our mission is to preserve, protect and restore Delaware’s Inland Bays and their watershed.

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DE Center for the Inland Bays
DE Center for the Inland Bays
Resources for Kids 👧👨 Learning at Home 🏡

We sure do miss our spring field trips at the James Farm! BUT we all can still learn about our natural environment from the comforts of home during this time!

It may not be the same as exploring the wonders of the James Farm Preserve first hand, but this list of virtual field trips offers a unique way to experience animal habitats, places around the world, and even Mars! Check out the link:

For more science ideas, this resource provides great activities for at-home learning!
DE Center for the Inland Bays
DE Center for the Inland Bays
Wild World of Delaware!

An Eastern Hognose snake 🐍 enjoying some lunch at the James Farm Ecological Preserve. Their preferred menu items include toads and frogs (consisting of about 50% of their diet).

It's always a unique experience to witness natural predator-prey interactions!

#wildlife #reptiles #circleoflife #deinlandbays
DE Center for the Inland Bays
DE Center for the Inland Bays
DE Center for the Inland Bays
WANTED: Fish Survey Volunteers❗️

Each year, teams of dedicated volunteers take to the waters of the Inland Bays to identify, measure, count, and return their catch. The information gathered helps to increase our understanding of the fish community throughout the Bays. While we’ve already received a great number of sign-ups ahead of the surveying season this year, we're still looking for more people to join us! Specifically, we need volunteers for teams 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8! If you are interested in helping please consider signing up for one or more of these teams.

In an effort to kickstart preparations while COVID-19 restrictions are in place, we're going virtual! Now from the comfort of your home, volunteers may sign-up ahead of time and view the Fish Survey Training video on our website! Survey activities are cancelled until at least May 15th, and will launch once health and safety conditions permit. Thank you for your patience and please stay tuned for more updates. Visit https://buff.ly/2FymyDY for more information.

#deinlandbays #citizenscience #fish
DE Center for the Inland Bays
DE Center for the Inland Bays

The Center is looking for a GIS Analyst Intern to "get on board with the bays" beginning late-May! They will work both independently and collaboratively with the University of Delaware Water Resources Center to conduct desktop GIS analyses primarily to determine salt marsh acreage and condition in the Delaware Inland Bays. For detailed information about the internship, please visit https://buff.ly/3eoVRRw. Applications are due by 5:00 PM on Friday, April 17th!

#deinlandbays #saltmarsh #science

Picture by Zachary Doan
DE Center for the Inland Bays
DE Center for the Inland Bays
Happy Watershed Wednesday!

Our IRREPLACEABLE Inland Bays are an estuary! But what exactly is an estuary and why are they important? Estuaries are where fresh water from rivers meet salt water from the sea. They are commonly referred to as "nurseries of the sea" as they provide shelter for thousands of species to raise their young. Simply put, they are the most productive ecosystems on our beautiful planet ❤️🌎.

Need a 5-minute break from your daily routine or want to learn more about the many environmental and economic benefits that estuaries have to offer? Check out this short video from the National Estuary Program and the National Estuary Research Reserve System https://buff.ly/2tmyhP3 or visit @restoraamericasesturies website for more information https://buff.ly/2K225ZW
DE Center for the Inland Bays
What's An Estuary? Now You Know.
NOTE: If you need captions, please click the CC button on the player to turn them on. Estuaries - where rivers meet the sea. Watch and learn why these vital ...
DE Center for the Inland Bays
DE Center for the Inland Bays
You may see these guys around the Bays... Enjoy! 😜

#whenlifehandsyoulemons #laugh #spiritanimal


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