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Welcome to Delaware’s Inland Bays

The Rehoboth, Indian River, and Little Assawoman Bays lie just behind a narrow spit of land in sight of the Atlantic Ocean. Our mission is to preserve, protect and restore Delaware’s Inland Bays and their watershed.

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DE Center for the Inland Bays
DE Center for the Inland Bays
Wishing everyone a Sunday full of relaxation and wellness! Enjoy the 10 seconds of zen.... 🌊

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DE Center for the Inland Bays
DE Center for the Inland Bays
DE Center for the Inland Bays
Exciting news! The Anchorage Canal Drainage Area Stormwater Retrofit Project began its final implementation phase!

The goal of this 12 year-long community collaborative is to address polluted stormwater runoff from urban areas that flows into the Anchorage Canal (which connects to the Little Assawoman Bay). Over the years, a series of stormwater retrofits were installed as part of this initiative. The final phase, located at the intersection of Coastal Hwy. and South Pennsylvania Ave. in Bethany Beach, includes the construction of a stormwater treatment system comprised of a pond and wetland. With the help of native plants, this system will remove pollutants (e.g., nutrients) and add beauty to the area for all to enjoy! Checkout this aerial image of the site and stay tuned for picture updates as the construction continues!

This initiative was made possible by the fantastic collaboration between numerous partners to achieve collective water quality goals. Find out more by visiting our website! https://buff.ly/2UZ3bL2

#teamwork #celebrate
DE Center for the Inland Bays
DE Center for the Inland Bays
Cheers! It's Fri-Yay!🎉

What does clean water have to do with horseshoe crabs and beer? During our first-ever online Citizen's Cafe yesterday, we learned that they are actually more related than you might think!

The Center's very own horseshoe crab survey volunteer and team leader, Dennis Bartow, first shared a fantastic presentation about the Inland Bays' most famous resident, the horseshoe crab! Clean water is vital for the survival of this 480 million year-old "living fossil" as pollution can negatively impact their development.
Fun fact: Horseshoe crabs are actually not crabs at all, but more closely related to spiders and scorpions!

Mark Carter from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (a participant in the Center's "Don't Chuck Your Shucks" program) also joined us to talk about...you guessed it...beer! Water is the #1 ingredient and the #1 by-product of beer. Just another reason why protecting clean water is so important for us all!

We hope that you will join us for our next Citizen's Café on July 23rd! Please stay tuned for more details or visit https://buff.ly/2JyaTGD

#deinlandbays #cleanwater #horseshoecrab #fossil #DogfishHeadBrewery
DE Center for the Inland Bays
DE Center for the Inland Bays
Keep your eyes on the sky as ospreys return to the Inland Bays! Each spring, these beautiful raptors migrate to the region to mate and raise their young. In the fall, they will then begin their journey southward to winter in South America.

Fun fact! Ospreys are skilled anglers; hence, their nicknames "fish hawk" and "fishing eagle."

#deinlandbays #birds #ilovebirds #birdsofprey #fishingbird #birdwatching
Picture by Zachary Doan
DE Center for the Inland Bays
DE Center for the Inland Bays
Happy Watershed Wednesday friends!

For this week’s feature, we invite you to take a closer look 👀🔍 at the beauty of our Inland Bays watershed. The emergence of spring is happening all around us, including within the wacky world of insects! Not only do their detailed bodies display an array of colors and patterns for us to enjoy, insects play a vital role in the environment including the pollination of edible and native plants. Both insects and native plants further support local wildlife and contribute to the overall health of our watershed that we all depend on! We sure are thankful for our smallest community members that have one BIG job to do!

So put on your micro lenses and discover the diversity of life in the smallest form! 🦋🐛🐝🐞🕷️

Interested to learn how you can help support insect (and other animal) pollinators? Check out the U.S. Fish & Wildlife’s webpage! https://buff.ly/2EKguaM
#insects #WatershedWednesday #nativeplants #discover #explore
DE Center for the Inland Bays
DE Center for the Inland Bays
Calm day on Burton Island where spring is coming to life under the fog. Striped bass are in the water here, if you know where to look.


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